Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I have cleaned off a spot on my dry erase board to create my objective area as well as my passes area. Last year I was always "loosing" kiddos ha ha! My mind was constantly on other things when that one would ask to go to the restroom and 5 minutes later I was asking where they were!

So this year I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the wooden already painted symbols and put magnets on them and hung them on my board...

I have a Big Flower for the girls restroom...

Baseball for boys restroom....

3 worms for the Library (Book Worms...he he), that is how many kids we can send down at at time to the library...

2 school busses for office passes...

1 sun for Nurse or other places the kids may go....

We all know they LOVE writing on the board so beside each pass I have them sign their name so I know where they are!!!!

This has been a life saver for me this year!!!!!!!!!!!


I have created a homework board in my classroom and I REALLY LOVE it!!!

My kids have a homework journal they have to take home each night and have signed as well as I have to sign it before they leave each day with the daily homework written down in it!

I especially love this for students that are absent so that they can look to see what assignments they need to catch up on!!!!

Another thing I do is put TR for Thursday for outside of the classroom education...We discuss at the beginning of the year how this is used in college to let you know what day your classes will be on!

They love that concept! 


My sister ROCKS by the way!

She is sooooo talented!

She is also looking to become a school teacher as she is currently student teaching in Kindergarten!

For Christmas she made me this locker to put in my classroom, as you can see it hasn't made it out of my garage yet, just because I have to put some shelves in it!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have this as a part of my classroom and teaching career!!!

Love HER!!!!


I have started a new classroom management idea in my classroom and I call it:


I took sentence strips, wrote each students name on it and then I had these stickers from fall pictures and placed that on the end of the sentence strip and then laminated the strips.

I each week update their status with positive behaviors and if it doesn't get "disliked" by the end of the week then they can participate in an extra recess on Friday afternoons....

If it does get "disliked" then they have to sit on the wall and read their AR book...

This is just a trial run and I will probably change my mind about some parts of it before the year is up, but the kids LOVE it!!!

I also like it because it makes me REALLY focus on positive behaviors!!!!!

Anchor Charts (MY VERSION)

I promised to post pictures of the Anchor Charts I had made so here they are:


I enjoyed doing this project for around my clock in my room...

I have been TRYING and TRYING to make the connection for my kids about 1/4, 25 Cents...15 after.....trying to make these connect is like pulling teeth...So I did put on the left hand side by the 3: 1/4 After

and then at 6: 1/2 Past

and at 9: 1/4 till

I hope someday soon they are able to make this connection and make their life a little simpler!!!

Here is my Clock!

Vocabulary Tree

Another inspiration from Pinterest came for my Vocabulary Tree!

I started this after Christmas Break this year and each week we add 10 new leaves to the tree! The kids love this and it adds great color to my classroom! It is going to be awesome to see the Tree in full bloom by the end of the year.

The kids commented that they didn't realize they had learned that many words....

Here it is:

At the top the sign reads: LOOK, our vocabulary is growing!!!!

A Little Facebook Influence Into The Class....

So I have seen these on Pinterest and just knew I had to order me some!!!

I got them off Amazon for $13.00 and got them in yesterday!

I am soooooooooo excited to start using them instead of the (stupid) check mark when I do participation grades on papers!

My kids have looked at them today on my desk also and have been inquiring!

I think this is the new teacher MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


We have a reading program called "Imagine It!" and each week we have 10 Vocabulary words to review the definition of.

I have really struggled with ideas to use for teaching vocabulary...

I was inspired again by good ol' Pinterest with the Vocabulary Journal so I created my own template.

Each week my kids use what I call an Imagine It! Folder and they have a copy of their Word Structure, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Questions from each lessons story inside that folder, they keep homework in this and also any other papers handed out throughout the week!

I broke it up by:

Monday:I gave them the words and they had to look up the definitions...

Tuesday: They had to write sentences with each of their words...and I have a rule that if they use a vocabulary word or spelling word in a sentence they have to underline, cirlce, highlight the word!!!

Wednesday: Use a thesaurus or their own vocabulary to come up with 3 synonyms.

Thursday: They got to work in partners to come up with a picture representation of the word.

Friday: I always on top of our lesson assessment have the kids complete a very simple cross word puzzle of vocabulary words so that I can for one check to see if they completed their assignment of writing down defintions and then for two when I have them turn it in they turn in cross word stapled to this weekly sheet so that I have both Vocabulary Grades together. I allow the students to use their weekly sheet on the test.

Here is a picture of the template I created.

I have this saved on my computer and each week I can change the  Lesson # and Unit # so I can keep better track of what is going on....I copy this front and back for each week.

Here is a close up of the bottom 2 boxes:
This worksheet is worth 50 points.... 5 points for each box, if they do  not write the word down, X, if they do not write a definition, X, Not all 3 synonyms, X.

I do not go in depth in grading this just so I know they have attempted, just a quick assessment.

Now this is not the only thing I do in Vocabulary just a tool I have created based on a pinterest inspiration!

Anchor Charts-Divisibility Rules

Here is the final chart that I have made, I also made one for each of my students to keep in their binders, folders, or for those certain students crumbled up in the back of their desk! ha ha!!!!!

Anchor Charts-Fraction, Decimal, Percents

Here is the chart I put up for Fraction, Decimal, Percents

I have really been working with my kiddos to understand that all three of these mean the same thing just represented in another way! This is probably the chart they ask the most about!!!

Anchor Charts-Measurement(s)

Here are 2 more Anchor Charts I have re-created and put up in my classroom for students to use:

The other poster I created is below and I didn't realize it until after I got back to school that there is a poem that goes with this poster...

Here is the little saying with directions to present it to your kiddos:
Once in the kingdom of Gallon, (draw a very large G representing the gallon and filling the sheet) there lived 4 Queens, (Draw 4 large Q's to represent the 4 quatrs, inside the G.) Each Queen had a Prince and a Princess in her castle, (Draw 2 P's inside each Q to represent the 2 pints in a quart.) Each Prince and Princess had 2 cats, (Draw 2 C's inside each P to represent 2 cups in a pint.) Point out to the students that the horizontal line on the G shows the division for half gallon.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ANCHOR CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anchor Charts-Transitions

I have seen on pinterest...many...many...many Anchor Charts, and as a new teacher I thought the only posters that went up in the classroom was ones purchased at a local store with a motivational saying...however as I have learned more each and every day, I have began to learn the importance of the anchor charts and using them in the classroom!

These are the anchor charts I have made so far and placed in my classroom, I was really shocked at the fact of how many of my students were looking at them and have asked me questions regarding them!!!!!

These are not my version but the ones I have found on Pinterest and then re-created! I will get pictures of my creations soon!!

This is the Traffic Light Transitions. I use Shurley English Grammar in my classroom and use the writing portion of Shurley also...I had an experienced teacher come in and show me some things in Shurley and she taught my kids the "3 F Words!!!" he he :-) They were soooooo excited to learn, First, Futhermore and Finally. They have used these over and over again and now it is time to add some more words into their transition vocabulary....