Sunday, January 8, 2012


We have a reading program called "Imagine It!" and each week we have 10 Vocabulary words to review the definition of.

I have really struggled with ideas to use for teaching vocabulary...

I was inspired again by good ol' Pinterest with the Vocabulary Journal so I created my own template.

Each week my kids use what I call an Imagine It! Folder and they have a copy of their Word Structure, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Questions from each lessons story inside that folder, they keep homework in this and also any other papers handed out throughout the week!

I broke it up by:

Monday:I gave them the words and they had to look up the definitions...

Tuesday: They had to write sentences with each of their words...and I have a rule that if they use a vocabulary word or spelling word in a sentence they have to underline, cirlce, highlight the word!!!

Wednesday: Use a thesaurus or their own vocabulary to come up with 3 synonyms.

Thursday: They got to work in partners to come up with a picture representation of the word.

Friday: I always on top of our lesson assessment have the kids complete a very simple cross word puzzle of vocabulary words so that I can for one check to see if they completed their assignment of writing down defintions and then for two when I have them turn it in they turn in cross word stapled to this weekly sheet so that I have both Vocabulary Grades together. I allow the students to use their weekly sheet on the test.

Here is a picture of the template I created.

I have this saved on my computer and each week I can change the  Lesson # and Unit # so I can keep better track of what is going on....I copy this front and back for each week.

Here is a close up of the bottom 2 boxes:
This worksheet is worth 50 points.... 5 points for each box, if they do  not write the word down, X, if they do not write a definition, X, Not all 3 synonyms, X.

I do not go in depth in grading this just so I know they have attempted, just a quick assessment.

Now this is not the only thing I do in Vocabulary just a tool I have created based on a pinterest inspiration!

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