Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anchor Charts-Transitions

I have seen on pinterest...many...many...many Anchor Charts, and as a new teacher I thought the only posters that went up in the classroom was ones purchased at a local store with a motivational saying...however as I have learned more each and every day, I have began to learn the importance of the anchor charts and using them in the classroom!

These are the anchor charts I have made so far and placed in my classroom, I was really shocked at the fact of how many of my students were looking at them and have asked me questions regarding them!!!!!

These are not my version but the ones I have found on Pinterest and then re-created! I will get pictures of my creations soon!!

This is the Traffic Light Transitions. I use Shurley English Grammar in my classroom and use the writing portion of Shurley also...I had an experienced teacher come in and show me some things in Shurley and she taught my kids the "3 F Words!!!" he he :-) They were soooooo excited to learn, First, Futhermore and Finally. They have used these over and over again and now it is time to add some more words into their transition vocabulary....

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