Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anchor Charts-Measurement(s)

Here are 2 more Anchor Charts I have re-created and put up in my classroom for students to use:

The other poster I created is below and I didn't realize it until after I got back to school that there is a poem that goes with this poster...

Here is the little saying with directions to present it to your kiddos:
Once in the kingdom of Gallon, (draw a very large G representing the gallon and filling the sheet) there lived 4 Queens, (Draw 4 large Q's to represent the 4 quatrs, inside the G.) Each Queen had a Prince and a Princess in her castle, (Draw 2 P's inside each Q to represent the 2 pints in a quart.) Each Prince and Princess had 2 cats, (Draw 2 C's inside each P to represent 2 cups in a pint.) Point out to the students that the horizontal line on the G shows the division for half gallon.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ANCHOR CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm glad that you're enjoying my anchor chart! I didn't know about the saying to go with it, so I'll have to add that to my teaching :)

  2. I absolutely love it!!!!! Another teacher in the building had seen the saying and passed it on to me! Thanks for sharing our poster!!!!!!